The Expensive, High-Tech College Cheating Arms Race

By Derek Newton
04/09/18 on Forbes

…To block that, Turnitin initially developed plagiarism software that scans and keeps a record of previously submitted work across hundreds of institutions and thousands of courses and millions of submissions…Read full article here.

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Novel Ideas for Writing Instruction

By Tara Smith
04/04/2018 on Tech and Learning

…With Revision Assistant, students receive live, real-time feedback as they write—on everything from grammar and syntax to their analysis and arguments, which encourages them to think more deeply and critically…Read here.

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Former Obama Education Secretary Joins Turnitin Board of Directors

By: Alexa J. Henry
03/15/2018 on Edweek Market Brief

…“I look forward to the opportunity to work with Turnitin on scalable initiatives that support the core educational skills and promote student success in K-12, higher education, and beyond,” Duncan said in a statement…Read full article here.


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Arne Duncan Joins Turnitin Board

By Dian Schaffhauser
03/13/2018 on Campus Technology

…The former secretary for the U.S. Department of Education under President Obama recently joined the board of Turnitin, an education technology company that provides services for writing help, literacy skill development and plagiarism checking in K-12 and higher education…Read full article here.

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“Authorship Investigation” Software to be Launched in UK

By Margherita Scalisi
02/26/2018 on Beaver

…The software, named “Authorship Investigation”, is developed by Turnitin, which is the most popular provider of plagiarism-detection software for British universities. Through machine-learning algorithms and forensic linguistic analysis, it will be able to monitor a student’s writing style, detecting major differences between the submitted papers…Read full article here.

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Smart Strategies for Campus IT Support

By Matthew Lynch
02/23/2018 on Edvocate

…For both institutions, this insight comes from TeamDynamix and its IT Service Management (ITSM) software, which helps streamline IT service and support processes within a single, cloud-based platform….Read full article here.

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How to fight back against contract cheating

By Derek Newton
02/16/2018 on eCampus News

…A recent survey from Turnitin, the company that’s helped thousands of schools detect and deter plagiarism, underscores the points about the prevalence of ghost writing in academic communities, as well its difficulty to substantiate…Read full article here.

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Crackdown on ‘contract cheating’ launched by British universities

By Hannah Vallance
02/12/2018 on Mancunion

…Turnitin, the popular provider of plagiarism-detection software for British universities, will now also include a new program, coined Authorship Investigation, that will record and monitor the wording, phraseology and style of students’ writing…Read full article here.

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New university plagiarism software to be launched in crackdown on ‘contract’ cheating

By Harry Yorke
02/01/2018 on The Telegraph

…Amid growing concern over “contract cheating”, Turnitin, the largest provider of monitoring software to British universities, will launch a new programme designed to catch out students who pay for professionally written essays….Read full article here.

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The Social Studies’ Dilemma: Integrating Writing Without Losing Focus

01/28/2018 on Getting Smart

…Birbeck, who has used Turnitin Revision Assistant, says the program’s immediacy “is much more in tune with video games,” so students respond well. “It gives them guidance and the help comes right back at them,” he says…Read full article here.

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3 teacher-vetted edtech resources for cross-curricular lessons

By Audrey Nelson
01/18/2018 on eSchool News

…I now work at Turnitin with an incredible team–many of whom are former educator–on tools like “Revision Assistant (RA), an online writing tool for modern classrooms that can be used in a variety of subjects. RA uses a sophisticated algorithm to provide students instant, relevant feedback on their writing…Read full article here.

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What Is The Relationship Between Reading And Writing? It’s Linear

Contributed by Dennis Pierce
12/2017 on Teach Thought

…Recently, Graham was a guest on a podcast series produced by Turnitin, called The Written Word. During the 40-minute podcast, he talked about the relationship between reading and writing, specifically how students become better writers the more they practice reading—and how the opposite holds true as well: As students write more frequently, their reading skills improve….Read full article here.

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Help teachers want to use tech

By Sarah Cruz and Dennis Pierce
10/12/2017 on Smart Brief

…As we rolled out Revision Assistant, our teachers immediately saw new ways it could be helpful in meeting our district’s benchmark writing assessments which are tied to the state’s assessments…Read full article here.

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Trailblazers in Edtech: Elijah Mayfield

By Matthew Lynch
08/27/2017 on The Tech Edvocate

How He’s Transforming the EdTech Space: Turnitin is making it possible for every student to feel self-assured in their ability to write. To get there, teachers need help, and with Turnitin products they can assign writing more often, with more student-driven opportunities for practice and revision…Read full article here.

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Turnitin Feedback Studio integrated into Kannu LMS

09/26/2017 on University Business

Students and faculty in colleges using the Kannu learning management system from Kadenze, Inc. now have a seamless integration with Turnitin Feedback Studio…Read full article here.

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