Nepris Connects Students and Professionals

05/19/2017 on Simba Information

…Nepris (Dallas) offers a platform for connecting STEAM professionals to schools. CEO and cofounder Sabari Raja told EER that Nepris was started in 2013 as a way to close the gap between industry and education amid a national conversation about a lack of qualified candidates for available jobs… Subscription required to view full article here.

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Cult/Tech Podcast with Sabari Raja of Nepris

By Jason Visenberg
05/2017 on Red Cup Agency

…We discuss the STEM education gap and how the Nepris platform is addressing it by providing career role models for students all over the world…Listen to podcast here.


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Blended Learning Via Technology in the Classroom

By Jacqui Murray on Teach Hub

…Through sites like Nepris, you make all the arrangements online, meet virtually on your class computer, and interact just as you would if you trundled everyone onto a bus, motored up the freeway in rush hour traffic, and shepherded everyone on a tour hoping no one got lost…Read full article here.


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Nepris: Connecting Industry to K-12 Classrooms

By Michael Karlin
03/17/2017 on The EdTech Roundup

Nepris is a cloud-based platform that helps connect K-12 classrooms with industry experts across an enormous range of careers and industries…Read full article here.

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Video conference tech connects students and professionals

By Tara Garcia Mathewson
03/02/2017 on Education Dive

…According to eSchool News, Orange County, CA, has an OC Pathways initiative that aims to connect all students to career-based experiences and gives all teachers access to a platform called Nepris that allows them to host video conferences with career professionals…Read full article here.

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15 tools and apps real educators actually use

By Laura Ascione
02/17/2017 on eSchool News

…2. Nepris connects educators and students to industry experts through web-based chat sessions about careers, topics and concepts students wish to learn more about…Read full article here.

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How I overcame my students’ question: Where am I ever going to use this?

By Dylan McCann
02/2017 on Tualatin Life

…The technology is built on a national platform called Nepris and its purpose is to bring relevance to classroom teaching through live, virtual chats between students and adults in the working world… Read full article here.

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Enhancing STEM Learning Using Virtual Reality

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Best-in-Category Awards for 2016

Posted by Jacqui
January 4, 2017 on Ask a Tech Teacher

…This year, for the first time, we’ll share which tools had the greatest impact on readers… Read full article here.

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Hour of Code: Learning about Scratch and Nepris

Video recorded by Jeff Bradbury: @TeacherCast



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10 Hour of Code and computer science resources

By Laura Ascione Devaney
12/02/2016 on eSchool News

…2. Hour of Code Week on Nepris offers eight sessions with professionals from AT&T, JoyLabz (Makey Makey), Sphero, and Pearson with more Topics covered include robotics, SEO, computer science, marketing, and career explorations… Read full article here.

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The Key to STEM Achievement: Answering the Question

By Matthew Lynch
11/29/2016 on The Edvocate

…The online conversations are powered by Nepris, which matches teachers with STEM experts from anywhere in the country and also hosts the video conferences…Read full article here.

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Civic 50 Honorees AT&T and Hasbro Made a Difference by Mentoring Youth

11/01/2016 on Points of Light

…They are also providing funding to bring careers to classrooms through an innovative program called Nepris that matches professionals with classrooms virtually to help connect what students are learning at school to their future careers…Read full article here.


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Interactive Chats on Nepris Show Students How Products Are Developed by OtterBox

By Matthew Lynch
11/02/2016 on The Edvocate

Starting November 4, OtterBox will introduce students to the product development cycle in a series of interactive online sessions being held at Nepris brings professionals and experts in STEM (and the Arts) into the classrooms through interactive sessions hosted on its online platform. Read full article here.

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Huffington Post: Three Ways Louisiana Is Getting Students Career-Ready

By requiring industry-based credentials for CTE students and encouraging all students to interact with industry professionals, Louisiana’s Jump Start program is revolutionizing career education.

Read full story here.

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