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OPINION: When it comes to school, more choice doesn’t always equal more opportunity

By Jinal Jhaveri
10/04/2018 on Hechinger Report

…These three issues — application, language and transparency — are keys to moving the growing marketplace of school choice into one of genuine school opportunity. But opportunity and choice remain separate ideas and accomplishments, and about that we must remain clear….Read full article here.


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Incentivizing Great Behavior in Challenging School Settings

By: Wayne D’Orio
07/13/2018 on Getting Smart

…As the initiative caught on with students, staff noticed the change in their demeanor. The number of students late for every period has plummeted from 200 to about 15, the number of students who are tardy to school has plummeted from 619 (at the beginning of the school year) to 56, and the number of fights involving three or more students has decreased from 16 in 2015 to just three in 2016, the Vice Principal says…Read full article here.

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Technology Turnaround Stories from Hawaii and California

By Wayne D’Orio
07/11/2018 on Ask a Tech Teacher

…The school is even giving out extra Hero points for good grades with each A earning students 100 points. According to Kamiko, “by offering points for exemplary grades, we not only motivate students to pass all of their classes, but we motivate them to excel.”…Read full article here.

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How rewarding positive behavior turned around our school

By Chelsea Ramirez and Jacob Rosario
June 11, 2018 on EdSource

….In 2015, our school started using Hero, which is a management system for teachers to award points to students for being on time, being dressed appropriately, being ready to learn and other appropriate behaviors…Read full article here.

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Positive focus; Positive behaviors

By Karessa Parish
05/22/2018 on Ask a Tech Teacher

…We decided to refocus our attention to be intentional in recognizing positive everyday occurrences that had been overlooked for too long and we picked Hero to help us do this…Read full article here.

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Hello, Parent… Your Child is Doing Great!

By Terrance Williams
05/10/2018 on Tech & Learning

…At Lincoln Middle School in Passaic, New Jersey, we are using a behavior management platform called Hero to acknowledge and reinforce positive behaviors among students and flip the ratio of positive to negative communications…Read full article here.

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Student phones become a solution rather than a problem at Del Valle High School

By Derek Newton
02/02/2018 on Edvocate

…The school actually requires students to bring their phones every day because Del Valle has embraced a phone-based student ID system. Using the Hero K12 app, Del Valle switched to digital IDs, and Wheeler says it has made a significant difference for the school, students, parents, and teachers…Read full article here.

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New app helping Seminole schools track, improve tardiness issues

by Amanda Ober on WESH

…This year, the school is using a new app called the Hero tardy tracking system. The school said they are down to an average of just 14 tardy disciplines a day…Read full article here.

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Change the focus

Christian DeLaRiva and James Buynar
01/09/2018 on Smart Brief

Reward good behavior. This is core to the Hero system. When students do the right thing, we award them with “Hero points.” We’ve customized the software to recognize students for being early, participating, and being “Revere Ready,” meaning they’re dressed appropriately and ready to learn….Read full article here.

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New program tracks student behavior at Seminole County schools

By: Jeff Levkulich
01/11/2018 on WFTV

…The “Hero” app will send out push notifications to parents so they can keep track of their kids’ positive points… Read full article here.

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How One Principal Turned School Culture Around—Twice

11/29/2017 on TeachThought

…Hero also makes it easier for Lyons Creek to reach out to parents to let them know about their children’s achievements and less-than-satisfactory behavior. Parental involvement and reinforcement helps keep students on track while building school engagement…Read full article here.

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Six Keys to Success for Implementing an Online Behavior Management Program

11/28/2017 on Edvocate

…Tardiness had been a problem for this STEM magnet school serving about 1,200 students in grades six through eight, most of whom come from low-income families. But with the help of an online behavior management platform called Hero, the school has turned that problem around quite dramatically…Read full article here.

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K-12 Dealmaking: Hero K12, BV Acquire SchoolMint; Brainly Raises Funds

By: Alexa J. Henry
10/30/2017 on Edweek Market Brief

…Hero K12 and BV Investment Partners Acquire SchoolMint: Student behavior management app Hero K12 and BV Investment Partners have acquired SchoolMint, a provider of cloud-based student enrollment and school choice systems for PreK-12 district, charter, and independent schools, according to a statement…Read full article here.

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Hero K12 Mints Its First Acquisition: School Enrollment Startup, SchoolMint

By Tony Wan
10/30/2017 on EdSurge

…Hero K12’s flagship products include attendance, communication and behavioral management tools that it touts can help educators reinforce a positive school culture…Read full article here.

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It Takes a “Hero” to Remake a School’s Culture

By Matthew Lynch
10/26/2017 on The Edvocate 

…The school looked to Hero K12, which is a behavior management platform to manage discipline through evidence-based methods, like positive reinforcement (research shows that negative consequences do not affect long-term behavior change) and redirecting negativity…Read full article here.

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