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How unis can beat the cheats by finding ‘fingerprints’ in their essays

By Henrietta Cook
06/26/2018 on The Age

…The software, which has been created by US-based company Turnitin and will be launched later this year, is being developed and tested at Australian institutions including Deakin University, the University of New South Wales, the University of Wollongong and the University of Queensland…Read full article here.

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How rewarding positive behavior turned around our school

By Chelsea Ramirez and Jacob Rosario
June 11, 2018 on EdSource

….In 2015, our school started using Hero, which is a management system for teachers to award points to students for being on time, being dressed appropriately, being ready to learn and other appropriate behaviors…Read full article here.

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How IT departments can help combat contract cheating

By Bill Loller
06/11/2018 on EdScoop

…Today, there is still basic plagiarism, but there is a new form of plagiarism called contract cheating (sometimes referred to as ghostwriting) where students hire someone to write an original paper specifically to fill an assignment’s requirements. We suspect that students are spending millions of dollars on contract cheating sites…Read full article here.

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Topic Sheet – Fun Math Activities for Parents to Prevent the Summer Slide [Harrison & ORIGO Education]

By Daniel Christian
05/30/2018 on Learning Ecosystems

…For stories on the Summer Slide, math education experts at ORIGO Education have compiled a list of activities and resources for parents to do with their young children….Read full article here.

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This Company Lets Its 40 Employees Choose Which Benefits Are Important

By Barbara Kiviat
05/23/18 on INC

EvoText doesn’t seem like a textbook example of a tech startup. Granted, its 40 full-time employees enjoy great benefits, a liberal time-off policy, and many of the other perks of techdom….Read full article here.

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Positive focus; Positive behaviors

By Karessa Parish
05/22/2018 on Ask a Tech Teacher

…We decided to refocus our attention to be intentional in recognizing positive everyday occurrences that had been overlooked for too long and we picked Hero to help us do this…Read full article here.

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Hello, Parent… Your Child is Doing Great!

By Terrance Williams
05/10/2018 on Tech & Learning

…At Lincoln Middle School in Passaic, New Jersey, we are using a behavior management platform called Hero to acknowledge and reinforce positive behaviors among students and flip the ratio of positive to negative communications…Read full article here.

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Stopping The Ping Pong Effect: Improving Service across Campus for Students, Faculty and Staff

By Rhonda Spells-Fentry
05/2018 on Education Technology Insights

…To do this, PGCC has invested in TeamDynamix, a service management platform with integrated project portfolio management. The technology encompasses a broad range of needs from ticketing to problem and incident management, change management, asset tracking and project portfolio management all on one platform…Read full article here.



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How young is too young to start introducing students to future careers?

By: Tara García Mathewson
05/02/2018 on Hechinger Report

….The “meet a pro” activities primarily happen virtually, through Nepris, a platform that connects industry professionals with classrooms. Hidalgo said Cajon Valley teachers can’t be expected to coordinate classroom visits with professionals from each of the many careers….Read full article here.

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Ask a Tech Teacher: How a Senior Writing Project Helped

By Jacqui 
04/18/2018 on Ask a Tech Teacher

…“We explained that Feedback Studio and Revision Assistant were the right digital resources to help improve student writing skills, dovetailing with the qualities students were already being taught in the classroom,” Nelson said…Read full article here.

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Three Keys to Stopping Plagiarism

By Dennis Pierce
04/16/2018 on Faculty Focus

…Elizabeth Kleinfeld, an English instructor and director of the writing center at Metropolitan State University of Denver, has studied plagiarism and students’ use of sources for the last seven years, mostly among students in first-year writing courses…Read full article here.

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The High Cost of Cheating

By Derek Newton
04/16/2018 on EdTech Digest

According to a news-released survey by Turnitin, a company that empowers original thinking and can detect unoriginal and potentially plagiarized written academic content, nearly a third of all college teachers (32%) say they’ve suspected a student of passing off work that was actually done by someone else…Read full article here.

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Why Community Service Matters On College Apps

By Andrea Carter
04/11/2018 on Poets and Quants

…Michele Pitman, CEO and founder of intelliVOL, which is the creator of the tracking platform x2VOL, says she launched the service because she believes the future of admissions is colleges requiring a record of applicants’ community involvement just as they do transcripts to verify GPA and SAT scores. “More and more colleges are looking for ways to get a clearer picture of a student’s fit at their school,” she says…Read full article here.

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The Expensive, High-Tech College Cheating Arms Race

By Derek Newton
04/09/18 on Forbes

…To block that, Turnitin initially developed plagiarism software that scans and keeps a record of previously submitted work across hundreds of institutions and thousands of courses and millions of submissions…Read full article here.

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Four Keys to Better IT Project Management

By Matthew Lynch
04/05/2018 on The Edvocate

…During a recent webinar hosted by TeamDynamix, two campus IT executives described how the university has built a successful project management culture that has led to improved IT outcomes…Read full article here.

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