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Tech Makes it easier for schools and students to track and report community service for college applications

By Wayne D’Orio
08/29/2018 on TeacherCast

…x2VOL is a program that can not only eliminate the scraps of paper and Post-it Notes while tallying a student’s service time, but it can also add meaning to the experiences and help point the way for students to calmly, and accurately, complete their applications to show their best side…Read full article here.

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The value of service learning

By: Jill Stafford
07/12/2018 on Smart Brief

…We now use an electronic system from x2VOL to track all of this data, which was a giant leap forward. And as of 2018, our students can order an Official Service Transcript to tie their service together in one neat, verifiable package….Read full article here.

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Service-Learning Develops Character in Students

By Michele Pitman
08/15/2016 on The Edvocate

Educating the whole child and developing character goes beyond the core subjects being taught each day. Many school districts recognize this and have instituted programs encouraging or requiring students to give time in service to their community and peers. Read more here.

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Article: Using Software for Making Student Service Manageable

An effective service-learning program can help students learn important Christian values. But service-learning programs often have many aspects to manage, making them challenging to oversee.

Read the article in Christian School Products magazine.

x2VOL by intelliVOL Named Finalist for REVERE Awards in Education from Association of American Publishers

DALLAS, Texas—May 11, 2015—x2VOL by intelliVOL has been named a finalist for the 2015 REVERE Awards, an annual awards program from the Association of American Publishers’ PreK-12 Learning Group. Click to Tweet.

x2VOL simplifies the management, verification and reporting of student service programs. As a finalist for the highly respected REVERE Awards, x2VOL was recognized as one of the five best Supplemental Resources for Social-Emotional and Character Education in 2015. (Click here to learn how x2VOL helped spur community service for one Texas high school.)

Read release on Businesswire.

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