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We’ve learned a lot in this business and we like to share. Here are a few tidbits of information we find helpful.

Sources for PR help:

Top sources for K-12 market news and information:

  • EdSurge (industry and funding news along with buzz about all things #edtech)
  • SIIA (opportunities to learn from experts in the industry and network with other companies)
  • Education Week (simply THE BEST education reporting)
  • EducationDIVE (quick summaries of the most important news in education)

Some of my favorite blogs and news sites in education:

List of K-12 education trades (Please note that this list is of long-established trades and a few of their digital counterparts. The blogger universe grows every day so please visit Teach100 to see the top blogs.)

Calendar of 2017 edtech conferences (from EdSurge)

Calendar of 2017 higher ed conferences (from EdSurge)

In addition to LinkedIn and the standard fare, our favorite technology tools include: