Turnitin ‘Revises’ the Writing Process

By Sri Ravipati
07/06/2017 on Campus Technology

Turnitin, a company typically known for catching plagiarism in students’ writing assignments, is refocusing its efforts on the needs of teachers with its newest formative writing tool, Revision Assistant…Read full article here.


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Want to be a better writer? Try letting a robot tell you what to do

By Derek Newton
06/04/2017 on Quartz

…So, for example, if Revision Assistant spots a section that seems as though it should include supporting examples but doesn’t have any, it highlights the area and encourages the writer to expand… Read full article here.


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Revision Assistant from Turnitin Now with Lexile Measures

By Monica Burns
06/04/2017 on Class Tech Tips

Earlier this year I shared Turnitin Revision Assistant a formative writing product for classrooms. If you haven’t heard of Revision Assistant before, it was designed to extend the reach of teachers by giving student writers immediate, actionable and substantive feedback..Read full article here.

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Turnitin Offers Lexile Scores to Help Teachers Better Assign Reading Passages

May 24, 2017 on EdSurge

TURNITIN, the plagiarism-catcher turned instructional writing program, is now introducing Lexile scores to their Revision Assistant, a tool which provides computer-generated feedback to students on their writing…Read full article here.

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How Capistrano USD is Transforming its Writing Instruction

By Virginia Reischl
05/21/2017 on Getting Smart

…For instance, our district uses Turnitin’s Feedback Studio, a platform for checking student writing for originality and leaving drag-and-drop comments or voice recordings in response to student papers…Read full article here.

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Aiding teachers with students’ reading levels

By Ariana Fine
05/18/2017 on District Administration

Turnitin has added Lexile measures to its instructional writing program, Revision Assistant, to better help teachers match appropriate texts to individual students and personalize instruction…Read full article here.

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Turnitin Adds Lexile Measures to Revision Assistant

05/17/2017 on THE Journal

Turnitin’s Revision Assistant has incorporated the Lexile Framework for Reading from MetaMetrics,  a company that develops scientific measures of academic achievement…Read full article here.

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Researchers develop groundbreaking technology for student writing success

By Dennis Pierce
05/08/17 on eSchools New

…Using Revision Assistant has allowed South Kitsap teachers in all disciplines to give students more frequent writing assignments, without adding more work to their already-full plates…Read full article here.

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Revolutionary Teaching Projects Recognized by IMS Global Learning Consortium

By Matthew Lynch
05/09/17 on The Edvocate

…And what the Newport-Mesa Unified School District is doing with Turnitin Revision Assistant applies…Read full article here.

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How Can We Build Confident Student Writers?

By Guest Writer Kelly Olgen
04/27/17 on The Edvocate

A mastery of the written word is a MUST in today’s educational settings and in the workplace beyond them…Read full article here.

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A Pilot Test of Revision Assistant and What We Learned in the Process

by Jacqui
April 17, 2017 on Ask a Tech Teacher

Revision Assistant, part of the Turnitin family, is a comprehensive virtual writing assistant for students that allows them to digitally edit and rewrite documents for any class…Read full article here.


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Revision Assistant: Illuminate the Writing Process

By Michael Karlin
02/12/2017 on EdTech Roundup

Revision Assistant is a new product from the folks at Turnitin that is designed to help support secondary students with writing… Read full article here.

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How to Prepare for the SAT Essay

By Jacqui Murray
02/01/2017 on Ask A Tech Teacher

…Revision Assistant has an intuitive interface, a clean non-cluttered canvas, easy-to-use dashboards for both teachers and students, and no advertising… Read full article here.

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How Writing Can Help Close the Achievement Gap: An Interview with Turnitin’s Elijah Mayfield

By Wendy McMahon
01/23/2017 on EdSurge News

You might expect Turnitin’s Vice President of New Technologies, Elijah Mayfield, to have a lifelong penchant for technology. But Mayfield’s true passion is language—particularly writing. Read full article here.

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Turnitin’s Elijah Mayfield Forbes 30 Under 30

01/2017 on Forbes

Out to improve student writing skills using machine learning, language processing and intelligent tutoring algorithms. Read  full profile here. And see other Forbes30 under 30 Education winners here.

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