Campus IT can be a path to one-stop service centers

By Ray Lefebvre
07/02/2018 on EdScoop

…Fundamental to our creation of a centralized IT service center is the TDX platform from TeamDynamix, which combines IT and enterprise service management with project portfolio management….Read full article here.


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Stopping The Ping Pong Effect: Improving Service across Campus for Students, Faculty and Staff

By Rhonda Spells-Fentry
05/2018 on Education Technology Insights

…To do this, PGCC has invested in TeamDynamix, a service management platform with integrated project portfolio management. The technology encompasses a broad range of needs from ticketing to problem and incident management, change management, asset tracking and project portfolio management all on one platform…Read full article here.



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Four Keys to Better IT Project Management

By Matthew Lynch
04/05/2018 on The Edvocate

…During a recent webinar hosted by TeamDynamix, two campus IT executives described how the university has built a successful project management culture that has led to improved IT outcomes…Read full article here.

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‘Faculty Told Me They Hated It.’ When an Academic-Alert System Backfires—Twice.

By Sydney Johnson
03/01/2018 on edSurge

…Starting in Fall 2017, the college began issuing early alerts through TeamDynamix, a ticketing software the college already uses in areas on campus such as the IT help desk….Read full article here.

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Why schools need a knowledge base

By Andrew Graf
01/31/2018 on eSchoolNews

…Giving students, parents, teachers, and administrators access to a district-run knowledge base drastically reduces requests to the help desk…Read full article here.

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EduTech Guys Conference Coverage: Andrew Graf – FETC 2018

01/25/2018 on EduTech Guys

Click here for full interview with TeamDynamix FETC interview with EduTech Guys.


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What’s Challenging K-12 IT Professionals Today? TeamDynamix and Kaseya Share Insights

by Todd Lewis
01/19/2018 on Nibletz

In a recent market study evaluating the IT maturity of K-12 school district IT departments conducted by TeamDynamix and Kaseya, 45 percent of participants stated that resource constraints are their top concern followed by cybersecurity (at 29 percent) going into 2018…Read full article here.

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What Transformational IT Leadership Means for Students

By Param Bedi
11/2017 on Education Technology Insight

…Our Library and Information Technology division also employs about 150 students to work alongside our staff on the information desk desk, Technology Desk, and many other areas in our division, which we run using the TeamDynamix ITSM platform…Read full article here.

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How to step up IT maturity for success at a large school district

By Derek Newton
11/22/2017 on eSchoolNews

…Ly and her colleagues’ solution was to shift the entire BIS and IT Service Management operation to TeamDynamix, which combines service and project management on a single platform. This approach allows different departments to look at and optimize resources across tickets and projects, improves communications, and allows a shift in focus to strategic goals rather than routine operations…Read full article here.

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FETC 2018 Preview: TeamDynamix The Work Management Platform For K-12

By Peter Schaeffer
11/20/2017 on Nibletz

TeamDynamix is a trusted name in the workflow and project management industry. Their solutions are used across trade associations, government applications, higher ed and K-12. In this broad world of technology TeamDynamix is a great solution to quickly satisfy service requests, share information and manage projects district wide for your K-12 school district….Read full article here.

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Communicating IT’s Value: There’s a Better Way

By Matthew Lynch
03/28/17 on The Edvocate

… I compare the feedback I get from our IT staff with information about successfully completed projects that I can view within our highly detailed Project Portfolio Management platform from TeamDynamix, and I identify 12-15 possible storylines….Read full article here.

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