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5 pressing topics on IT leaders’ minds

By Laura Ascoine
07/05/2017 on eCampusnews
…During a client summit from TeamDynamix, a panel of higher-education IT leaders, moderated by futurist Ian Khan, came together during to talk about some of the biggest issues and challenges facing IT departments on today’s college and university campuses…Read full article here.

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Moving toward a smarter use of IT resources at Bucknell

By Param Bedi
04/28/2017 on EdScoop

…We started researching the tools we needed to support this approach, and we acquired the IT Service Management (ITSM) and Project Portfolio Management platforms from TeamDynamix. Now, this software is embedded in nearly everything we do…Read full article here.


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Why Self-Service Portal are EdTech’s Next Big Thing

By Matthew Lynch
02/28/2017 on The Edvocate

…Colleges are looking to companies like TeamDynamix to build self-service platforms that integrate all departments and services that are specific to the college…Read full article here.

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TeamDynamix platform experiences 3x growth

2/23/2017 on University Business

…TeamDynamix attributes its growth to broader adoption of service management within campuses… Read full article here.

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Are you ready for the EdTech explosion?

2/23/2017 on InsightaaS
edtech-explosion-infographic-fm-TeamDynamixGo to website here.

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Is higher ed ready for the big edtech explosion?

By Meris Stansbury
02/17/2017 on eCampus News

…The research was conducted by conducted by Marketwatch, the U.S. Department of Education, EDUCAUSE, Computer Economics, TDX Market Study, and HDI, and condensed into an informative infographic by TeamDynamix… Read full article here.

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