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Trailblazers in Edtech: Mark MacDonald

By Matthew Lynch
09/02/2017 on Tech Edvocate

How He’s Transforming the EdTech Space: Hero focuses on outcomes, not simply product. Mark believes in focusing on the outcome of student success first, then using technology to help make the outcome happen…Read full article here.

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The Right Conditions for Learning

By Susan R. Steele
10/17/2017 on Edtech Digest

…To help our teachers track and reward positive student behaviors, we began using a program called Hero K12 last year. It’s an online platform that enables us to monitor all forms of student behavior, both good and bad….Read full article here.

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Cedar Creek MS seeing results with new focus on positive behavior

By Erin Cargile
09/04/2017 on KXAN

…Cedar Creek Middle School is using a combination of new technology and some big prizes to reward the good instead of focusing on the bad….Read full article here.

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Public Schools Actually Embrace Innovation – Five Examples of States, Districts Making Tech Work

By Derek Newton
07/27/17 on Huff Post

…Here are five education innovations being used in classrooms right now in Illinois, Washington, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama – ideas and teaching technologies that are worthy of spreading…Read full article here.

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High School Improving Discipline By Gamifying Good Behavior

06/30/2017 by Teach Thought
…“We ended up using Hero to manage tardies and cuts as well, but our main use is to reward and encourage those students who are always doing the right things,” Currin says…Read full article here.

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With $150 Million to Spend, Hero K12 Goes Shopping for Education Technology Companies

06/19/2017 on EdSurge

…Making this possible for the Miami Lakes, Fla.-based company is BV Investment Partners, which is giving Hero K12 $150 million to spend on making acquisitions…Read full article here.

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Hero K12 Announces Equity Partner, $150M of Available Capital for Expanded EdTech Platform

06/19/2017 on The Learning Counsel

Hero K12 announced an equity financing investment from BV Investment Partners (BV). The partnership provides Hero K12 over $150 million of capital to deploy towards its EdTech growth plans…Read full article here.

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Miami Lakes student behavior software company receives investment from private equity fund

By  Keith Larsen
06/20/2017 on South Florida Business Journal

A Miami Lakes-based software company received an equity investment from a large private equity firm, providing the company with more than $150 million in capital to use for acquisitions…Read full article here.

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Hero K12 Rounds Up $150 Million to Acquire Other Ed Tech Companies

By Sri Ravipati
06/19/17 on THE Journal

Hero K12 wants to support the full journey of a student throughout school. Today, the Florida-based company revealed it has received $150 million in equity investment funding to acquire other education technology companies and to continue building a data-driven platform that helps foster a positive school culture…Read full article here.

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Inspiring: Technology flips a school’s culture from negative to positive

By Dennis Pierce
06/09/2017 on eSchoolNews

…Cedar Creek Middle School in Texas is flipping that idea on its head, using a student behavior management platform called Hero to track positive as well as negative behaviors in real time—and school leaders are noticing a significant change in student conduct, and overall school culture, as a result…Read full article here.

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New Metrics Measure Success at Kaneland High School

By Matthew Lynch
05/18/2017 on The Edvocate

…Kaneland is still in the early stages with Hero K12 but its effect on tardiness is dramatic…Read full article here.

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Can This Man Save Detroit Public Schools?

By Derek Newton
05/15/2017 on HuffPost 

…The district again brought in technology, this time HERO K12, which enables districts, schools and teachers to consistently reinforce and track desired student behaviors such as good citizenship or punctuality…Read full article here.

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Problems With Unruly Classroom Behavior? There’s an App for That

By Matthew Lynch
April 20, 2017 on Education Futures Blog: Education Week

Hero rethinks traditional discipline policies and builds programs to recognize students in a positive way on a school-wide or district-wide scale…Read full article here.

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K-12 Dealmaking: Hero K12 Unveils Investment Plans, and Smart Sparrow Raises $4 Million

By Alexa J. Henry
04/18/2017 on EDWEEK Market Brief

In the latest dealmaking news, student behavior management application Hero K12 announced plans to invest and acquire ed-tech companies. Also, digital provider Smart Sparrow raised $4 million…Full story may require registration here.


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