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Early-Alert Systems Seen as Mixed Bag

By Lindsay McKenzie
09/11/2018 on Inside Higher Ed

“…The Florida college modified its IT help desk system last year to keep track of alerts. The platform, called TeamDynamix, allows faculty members to create a work order that tells staff in advising or the financial aid office that a student needs help….” Read full article here.

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Integrating IT Support and Project Management

By Mehran Basiratmand
08/29/2018 on Edvocate

…But TDX is designed to handle IT support and project management, so we can use the same platform to deliver both types of services…Read full article here.

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Tech Makes it easier for schools and students to track and report community service for college applications

By Wayne D’Orio
08/29/2018 on TeacherCast

…x2VOL is a program that can not only eliminate the scraps of paper and Post-it Notes while tallying a student’s service time, but it can also add meaning to the experiences and help point the way for students to calmly, and accurately, complete their applications to show their best side…Read full article here.

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Three key lessons K-12 can learn from higher ed IT leaders

By Andrew Graf
08/20/2018 on Edscoop

…But as K-12 is increasingly focused on “future ready” initiatives and preparation for higher ed learning, there are IT lessons to be learned from higher education…Read full article here.

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Take the Zero… Helping College Students Have a Healthier Way of Thinking About Grades

By Jennifer Wright
08/07/2018 on Teaching Professor

…Every student at my university who is found in violation of academic misconduct is automatically sanctioned to the office of Integrity and Ethical Development, where we attempt to move students forward from this experience in a dignified, gracious, and positive manner….Must register to read full article here.

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Teachers, We Don’t Have to Be Martyrs

By Natashia Hill
07/25/2018 on Education Week Teacher

…But teachers need not be martyrs to transform the lives of their students. Valuing ourselves doesn’t mean we love kids any less. As professionals, it’s time for us to shift unrealistic perceptions and demand more respect and compensation for the life-changing work that we do…Read full article here.

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Cheating 2.0: How to Fight Back Against ‘Contract Cheating’

By Dennis Pierce
07/21/2018 on Getting Smart

….Plagiarism detection services such as Turnitin, which allows educators to compare students’ written work with a massive database of content published online, proved to be an effective deterrent—and this has forced a change of business model…Read full article here.

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Unizin Adds Student Writing Data to its Data Platform for a Clearer Portrait of Learner Success

07/19/2018 on Campus Technology

…By mining data from Turnitin Originality Check, the Unizin Data Platform will be able to generate insights into how student writing progress and performance are linked to graduation rates….Read full article here.

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Incentivizing Great Behavior in Challenging School Settings

By: Wayne D’Orio
07/13/2018 on Getting Smart

…As the initiative caught on with students, staff noticed the change in their demeanor. The number of students late for every period has plummeted from 200 to about 15, the number of students who are tardy to school has plummeted from 619 (at the beginning of the school year) to 56, and the number of fights involving three or more students has decreased from 16 in 2015 to just three in 2016, the Vice Principal says…Read full article here.

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The value of service learning

By: Jill Stafford
07/12/2018 on Smart Brief

…We now use an electronic system from x2VOL to track all of this data, which was a giant leap forward. And as of 2018, our students can order an Official Service Transcript to tie their service together in one neat, verifiable package….Read full article here.

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Technology Turnaround Stories from Hawaii and California

By Wayne D’Orio
07/11/2018 on Ask a Tech Teacher

…The school is even giving out extra Hero points for good grades with each A earning students 100 points. According to Kamiko, “by offering points for exemplary grades, we not only motivate students to pass all of their classes, but we motivate them to excel.”…Read full article here.

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Campus IT can be a path to one-stop service centers

By Ray Lefebvre
07/02/2018 on EdScoop

…Fundamental to our creation of a centralized IT service center is the TDX platform from TeamDynamix, which combines IT and enterprise service management with project portfolio management….Read full article here.


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How unis can beat the cheats by finding ‘fingerprints’ in their essays

By Henrietta Cook
06/26/2018 on The Age

…The software, which has been created by US-based company Turnitin and will be launched later this year, is being developed and tested at Australian institutions including Deakin University, the University of New South Wales, the University of Wollongong and the University of Queensland…Read full article here.

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How rewarding positive behavior turned around our school

By Chelsea Ramirez and Jacob Rosario
June 11, 2018 on EdSource

….In 2015, our school started using Hero, which is a management system for teachers to award points to students for being on time, being dressed appropriately, being ready to learn and other appropriate behaviors…Read full article here.

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How IT departments can help combat contract cheating

By Bill Loller
06/11/2018 on EdScoop

…Today, there is still basic plagiarism, but there is a new form of plagiarism called contract cheating (sometimes referred to as ghostwriting) where students hire someone to write an original paper specifically to fill an assignment’s requirements. We suspect that students are spending millions of dollars on contract cheating sites…Read full article here.

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