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Back To School: Uncovering Tech-Savvy Classroom Cheating

08/17/2017 on Forbes

… Turnitin has been around since 2000 and parses submitted papers against a database of 500 million submissions looking for similarities. As computers get smarter and artificial intelligence starts to work into academic dishonesty, Turnitin and its competitors will only get better at spotting plagiarism…Read full article here.

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How I Use Automation And Personal Feedback To Differentiate Writing Instruction

08/2017 on Teach Thought
…Natashia Hill, an English teacher and Gifted & Talented Coordinator at Clint Early College Academy in Texas, relies on two digital writing tools to help her meet this challenge. Using Turnitin’s Revision Assistant and Feedback Studio has made it much easier for her to differentiate writing instruction for her students, she says—empowering her to be more effective in her teaching…Read full article here.


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Why Formative Feedback is Part of an Equity Agenda

By Guest Writer Patti West Smith
08/09/2017 on Tech & Learning

…Tools like Turnitin’s Revision Assistant leverage this technology and have the power to provide ongoing, timely, relevant, actionable feedback to every single student, no matter what…Read full article here.

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Texas Students Learn About Groundwater Through NGWA Collaboration

By Matthew Lynch
08/01/2017 on The Edvocate
…In an effort to encourage students from kindergarten to 12th grade to consider future careers in groundwater science, NGWA is partnering with Nepris.  Nepris virtually connects teachers and students with industry experts for education outreach to bring relevance and application to what students are learning…Read full article here.

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Public Schools Actually Embrace Innovation – Five Examples of States, Districts Making Tech Work

By Derek Newton
07/27/17 on Huff Post

…Here are five education innovations being used in classrooms right now in Illinois, Washington, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama – ideas and teaching technologies that are worthy of spreading…Read full article here.

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Why Language Matters in Math

07/2017 on The Curriculum Corner
…In this article, co-founder James Burnett writes about the four-stage progression of math development found in their Stepping Stones 2.0 program, which is used to teach math concepts to students in prekindergarten through sixth grade…

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8 Tips for Teaching Writing in the Digital Age

By Lisa Wathen
07/23/2017 on GettingSmart

…Require students to write reflections in which they must explain what they revised and how they made their papers better. Some good tech tools include:’s Revision Assistant Feedback Studio

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Turnitin ‘Revises’ the Writing Process

By Sri Ravipati
07/06/2017 on Campus Technology

Turnitin, a company typically known for catching plagiarism in students’ writing assignments, is refocusing its efforts on the needs of teachers with its newest formative writing tool, Revision Assistant…Read full article here.


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10 Virtual Tools For The Math Classroom

By Matthew Lynch
06/20/2017 on The Edvocate
Stepping Stones 2.0: Comprehensive Mathematics– from ORIGO Education integrates print and digital resources to give teachers flexibility in how they teach K-6 math. SS 2.0 is loaded with additional practice, effective strategies, visual models, and teacher supports…Read full article here.

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5 pressing topics on IT leaders’ minds

By Laura Ascoine
07/05/2017 on eCampusnews
…During a client summit from TeamDynamix, a panel of higher-education IT leaders, moderated by futurist Ian Khan, came together during to talk about some of the biggest issues and challenges facing IT departments on today’s college and university campuses…Read full article here.

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Startup Funding In Austin, TX Finds Its Way To Minority Entrepreneurs

06/30/2017 on CrunchBase
…In 2013, Sabari Raja and friend Binu Thayamkery co-foundedNepris, a startup aimed at leveling the playing field for all students in STEM, especially girls and minorities…Read full article here.

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High School Improving Discipline By Gamifying Good Behavior

06/30/2017 by Teach Thought
…“We ended up using Hero to manage tardies and cuts as well, but our main use is to reward and encourage those students who are always doing the right things,” Currin says…Read full article here.

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With $150 Million to Spend, Hero K12 Goes Shopping for Education Technology Companies

06/19/2017 on EdSurge

…Making this possible for the Miami Lakes, Fla.-based company is BV Investment Partners, which is giving Hero K12 $150 million to spend on making acquisitions…Read full article here.

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Hero K12 Announces Equity Partner, $150M of Available Capital for Expanded EdTech Platform

06/19/2017 on The Learning Counsel

Hero K12 announced an equity financing investment from BV Investment Partners (BV). The partnership provides Hero K12 over $150 million of capital to deploy towards its EdTech growth plans…Read full article here.

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Virtual Field Trips Emerge as a Key Workforce Development Tool

By Mark Niederhauer
06/12/2017 on Advanced Manufacturing

…We found the perfect solution to both of our needs in Nepris, a platform that connects students with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professionals through online video conferences…Read full article here.

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