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Incentivizing Great Behavior in Challenging School Settings

By: Wayne D’Orio
07/13/2018 on Getting Smart

…As the initiative caught on with students, staff noticed the change in their demeanor. The number of students late for every period has plummeted from 200 to about 15, the number of students who are tardy to school has plummeted from 619 (at the beginning of the school year) to 56, and the number of fights involving three or more students has decreased from 16 in 2015 to just three in 2016, […]

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The value of service learning

By: Jill Stafford
07/12/2018 on Smart Brief

…We now use an electronic system from x2VOL to track all of this data, which was a giant leap forward. And as of 2018, our students can order an Official Service Transcript to tie their service together in one neat, verifiable package….Read full article here.

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Technology Turnaround Stories from Hawaii and California

By Wayne D’Orio
07/11/2018 on Ask a Tech Teacher

…The school is even giving out extra Hero points for good grades with each A earning students 100 points. According to Kamiko, “by offering points for exemplary grades, we not only motivate students to pass all of their classes, but we motivate them to excel.”…Read full article here.

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Campus IT can be a path to one-stop service centers

By Ray Lefebvre
07/02/2018 on EdScoop

…Fundamental to our creation of a centralized IT service center is the TDX platform from TeamDynamix, which combines IT and enterprise service management with project portfolio management….Read full article here.


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How unis can beat the cheats by finding ‘fingerprints’ in their essays

By Henrietta Cook
06/26/2018 on The Age

…The software, which has been created by US-based company Turnitin and will be launched later this year, is being developed and tested at Australian institutions including Deakin University, the University of New South Wales, the University of Wollongong and the University of Queensland…Read full article here.

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How rewarding positive behavior turned around our school

By Chelsea Ramirez and Jacob Rosario
June 11, 2018 on EdSource

….In 2015, our school started using Hero, which is a management system for teachers to award points to students for being on time, being dressed appropriately, being ready to learn and other appropriate behaviors…Read full article here.

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