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5 reasons your classroom needs an industry expert

By Laura Ascione
02/28/2018 on eSchool News 

….In the very near future, “78 percent of all available jobs will require education beyond high school–that doesn’t necessarily mean four-year degrees, but something beyond high school,” said Sabari Raja, founder and chief executive officer of Nepris, a web-based platform that connects students and teachers to STEM professionals and industry experts….Read full article here.

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“Authorship Investigation” Software to be Launched in UK

By Margherita Scalisi
02/26/2018 on Beaver

…The software, named “Authorship Investigation”, is developed by Turnitin, which is the most popular provider of plagiarism-detection software for British universities. Through machine-learning algorithms and forensic linguistic analysis, it will be able to monitor a student’s writing style, detecting major differences between the submitted papers…Read full article here.

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Smart Strategies for Campus IT Support

By Matthew Lynch
02/23/2018 on Edvocate

…For both institutions, this insight comes from TeamDynamix and its IT Service Management (ITSM) software, which helps streamline IT service and support processes within a single, cloud-based platform….Read full article here.

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No longer the ‘department of NO’: Shedding the bad reputation of higher ed IT

By Kenneth Libutti
02/21/2018 on EdScoop

….We started by bringing in TeamDynamix, an experienced IT, project and workforce management partner who understands the unique dynamics of higher education institutions….Read full article here.

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How to fight back against contract cheating

By Derek Newton
02/16/2018 on eCampus News

…A recent survey from Turnitin, the company that’s helped thousands of schools detect and deter plagiarism, underscores the points about the prevalence of ghost writing in academic communities, as well its difficulty to substantiate…Read full article here.

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Crackdown on ‘contract cheating’ launched by British universities

By Hannah Vallance
02/12/2018 on Mancunion

…Turnitin, the popular provider of plagiarism-detection software for British universities, will now also include a new program, coined Authorship Investigation, that will record and monitor the wording, phraseology and style of students’ writing…Read full article here.

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Best in K-12 Education 2018: Top Industry Experts

02/12/2018 on Credit Donkey

….Nepris is making it easy for teachers to connect with industry professionals and bring them into the classroom virtually to give students an engaging, real-world learning experience…Read full story here.

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New university plagiarism software to be launched in crackdown on ‘contract’ cheating

By Harry Yorke
02/01/2018 on The Telegraph

…Amid growing concern over “contract cheating”, Turnitin, the largest provider of monitoring software to British universities, will launch a new programme designed to catch out students who pay for professionally written essays….Read full article here.

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Why schools need a knowledge base

By Andrew Graf
01/31/2018 on eSchoolNews

…Giving students, parents, teachers, and administrators access to a district-run knowledge base drastically reduces requests to the help desk…Read full article here.

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EduTech Guys Conference Coverage: Andrew Graf – FETC 2018

01/25/2018 on EduTech Guys

Click here for full interview with TeamDynamix FETC interview with EduTech Guys.


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The Social Studies’ Dilemma: Integrating Writing Without Losing Focus

01/28/2018 on Getting Smart

…Birbeck, who has used Turnitin Revision Assistant, says the program’s immediacy “is much more in tune with video games,” so students respond well. “It gives them guidance and the help comes right back at them,” he says…Read full article here.

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New app helping Seminole schools track, improve tardiness issues

by Amanda Ober on WESH

…This year, the school is using a new app called the Hero tardy tracking system. The school said they are down to an average of just 14 tardy disciplines a day…Read full article here.

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3 teacher-vetted edtech resources for cross-curricular lessons

By Audrey Nelson
01/18/2018 on eSchool News

…I now work at Turnitin with an incredible team–many of whom are former educator–on tools like “Revision Assistant (RA), an online writing tool for modern classrooms that can be used in a variety of subjects. RA uses a sophisticated algorithm to provide students instant, relevant feedback on their writing…Read full article here.

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Free Math Webinar Finding the Right Math Problem to Challenge Students

01/14/2018 on Class Tech Tips

…I’m a big fan of virtual professional development, and this week the folks at ORIGO Education are hosting a free math webinar for educators. Titled “What’s the Problem? Finding the Right Math Problem to Challenge Students,” you can join in on this live event led by Sara Delano Moore. She is a nationally renowned educator, speaker, and ORIGO manager…Read full article here.

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Del Mar Hills students take on challenge to redesign human body

By Karen Billing
01/09/18 on Del Mar Times

…During the course of the project, the students did their own research on different human body systems and worked to teach each other. They learned about climate change by Skyping with a scientist in Pennsylvania through Nepris, an organization that connects industry professionals to classrooms nationwide….Read full article here.

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