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What’s Challenging K-12 IT Professionals Today? TeamDynamix and Kaseya Share Insights

by Todd Lewis
01/19/2018 on Nibletz

In a recent market study evaluating the IT maturity of K-12 school district IT departments conducted by TeamDynamix and Kaseya, 45 percent of participants stated that resource constraints are their top concern followed by cybersecurity (at 29 percent) going into 2018…Read full article here.

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3 teacher-vetted edtech resources for cross-curricular lessons

By Audrey Nelson
01/18/2018 on eSchool News

…I now work at Turnitin with an incredible team–many of whom are former educator–on tools like “Revision Assistant (RA), an online writing tool for modern classrooms that can be used in a variety of subjects. RA uses a sophisticated algorithm to provide students instant, relevant feedback on their writing…Read full article here.

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Free Math Webinar Finding the Right Math Problem to Challenge Students

01/14/2018 on Class Tech Tips

…I’m a big fan of virtual professional development, and this week the folks at ORIGO Education are hosting a free math webinar for educators. Titled “What’s the Problem? Finding the Right Math Problem to Challenge Students,” you can join in on this live event led by Sara Delano Moore. She is a nationally renowned educator, speaker, and ORIGO manager…Read full article here.

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Del Mar Hills students take on challenge to redesign human body

By Karen Billing
01/09/18 on Del Mar Times

…During the course of the project, the students did their own research on different human body systems and worked to teach each other. They learned about climate change by Skyping with a scientist in Pennsylvania through Nepris, an organization that connects industry professionals to classrooms nationwide….Read full article here.

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Change the focus

Christian DeLaRiva and James Buynar
01/09/2018 on Smart Brief

Reward good behavior. This is core to the Hero system. When students do the right thing, we award them with “Hero points.” We’ve customized the software to recognize students for being early, participating, and being “Revere Ready,” meaning they’re dressed appropriately and ready to learn….Read full article here.

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New program tracks student behavior at Seminole County schools

By: Jeff Levkulich
01/11/2018 on WFTV

…The “Hero” app will send out push notifications to parents so they can keep track of their kids’ positive points… Read full article here.

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What Is The Relationship Between Reading And Writing? It’s Linear

Contributed by Dennis Pierce
12/2017 on Teach Thought

…Recently, Graham was a guest on a podcast series produced by Turnitin, called The Written Word. During the 40-minute podcast, he talked about the relationship between reading and writing, specifically how students become better writers the more they practice reading—and how the opposite holds true as well: As students write more frequently, their reading skills improve….Read full article here.

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Fewer Deals, More Money: U.S. Edtech Funding Rebounds With $1.2 Billion in 2017

By Tony Wan
12/19/2017 on EdSurge 

…“We want to take the capital and deploy it on a platform that creates integrated administrative solutions, one that can help better connect student data and processes to create safer, more connected school environments,” Oliver Wreford, Hero’s chief product and strategy officer, told EdSurge at the time of the deal…Read full article here.

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Positive Reinforcement is Key Element in Preventative Behavior Management

By Matthew Lynch
12/18/2017 on Edvocate

…Hero K12 is a digital platform to recognize and reward students which reinforces making good choices…Read full article here.

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ORIGO 1 Video: Introducing the Counting Principles

12/2017 on Curriculum Corner

…The video helps teachers to understand how rational counting involves a much deeper understanding of quantities.  We believe teachers could use these principles as the basis of an assessment to gain insight into each students’ level of understanding…Read full article here.

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Cedar Grove High School introduces service initiative

By Owen Proctor
12/07/2017 on

…Through x2VOL, students can find service opportunities, receive reminders, and track their progress against the goals via their digital dashboard…Read full article here.

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What Transformational IT Leadership Means for Students

By Param Bedi
11/2017 on Education Technology Insight

…Our Library and Information Technology division also employs about 150 students to work alongside our staff on the information desk desk, Technology Desk, and many other areas in our division, which we run using the TeamDynamix ITSM platform…Read full article here.

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How One Principal Turned School Culture Around—Twice

11/29/2017 on TeachThought

…Hero also makes it easier for Lyons Creek to reach out to parents to let them know about their children’s achievements and less-than-satisfactory behavior. Parental involvement and reinforcement helps keep students on track while building school engagement…Read full article here.

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ORIGO 1 Video: Introducing Fraction Models

11/2017 on Curriculum Corner

..The ORIGO One series of videos is meant to show you how to create light bulb moments for your students and therefore increase their understanding. These videos take a mathematics concept, break it into small pieces that are easy to understand and perhaps contain something you haven’t already thought of with regards to teaching a new skill…Read full article here.

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Six Keys to Success for Implementing an Online Behavior Management Program

11/28/2017 on Edvocate

…Tardiness had been a problem for this STEM magnet school serving about 1,200 students in grades six through eight, most of whom come from low-income families. But with the help of an online behavior management platform called Hero, the school has turned that problem around quite dramatically…Read full article here.

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